Lost Sparrow

Lost Sparrow


Lost Sparrow Children’s Home

Located in Pun Pun, Bihar Lost Sparrow Children’s Home was founded in 2021 in response to the dire need of children living on the street in intense poverty, exploitation, and abuse. According to the 2019 UNICEF census, there are 29.1 million abandoned orphans in this country. They are hungry, stealing, trafficked, and begging. Six children have been rescued into a family home where there is food, clothing, hygiene, healthcare, education, and most importantly, the abounding grace of life with Jesus Christ.

Stephens International School

We started Stephen International School in the year 2016 with 60 children. Seeing the greater need for education in the village of Pun pun we established this school to help poor children get free education so that they can change their lives and come out of poverty. At present 200 children come to this school and 50 children from the slum get free education and get a chance to learn about Jesus and his love, grace mercy in our lives.

Food Distribution

Covid 19 has put many day laborers in our community in dire circumstances. Most people cannot afford daily food because they are on lockdown and, if they are not dying from covid and lack of medical attention, they are dying of starvation because they are unable to go to work and are required to stay home. Lost Sparrows saw the need to feed their community. They prayed and God provided an abundant amount of food packets for them to distribute. from 2019 through 2021 over 300 families have been fed. Many were starving to death, and when Abhishek’s family arrived with the blessing of food and assurance of hope in a Living God who cared, these families could not have been more relieved.

Covering the Cold

During the winter last year many were freezing in the streets without shelter. The Lord began a ministry in which we put warm blankets on dozens of families in our community as we prayed for the Lord to wrap them in the warmth of his love

Job Training

We want to help our community learn to use the resources God provides to create a self-sustaining income. This will help them to have dignity and provide dependable income so they will not have to beg, in the streets. Some of the skill sets we have taught include making candles, lavender oil, and detergents. When helping others to start their own business, we teach them through micro-finance how to save and create opportunities for others to also begin and grow their own business. There are also unique and ongoing needs among the people that Jesus opens our eyes to provide a solution for. A couple of examples have included providing clothing for slum kids and underprivileged women and a wheelchair for a crippled man. We are currently opening a seamstress shop to teach women in the community to sew and earn a living. 

Water Well

In India, the primary sources of drinking water, that include surface water and groundwater, are contaminated by different physical impurities, agricultural and industrial wastes and underground chemicals and minerals. Water-borne diseases are widespread, especially among the low-income class of society. It is a cause of growing concern that many Indians do not have access to safe drinking water. The Lord has provided for us to install water wells in some remote villages surrounding Patna.